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Should I Wait to Have LASIK? Comparing the Cost of LASIK, Contact Lenses and Glasses

LASIK vision correction surgery is something that many people with refractive errors such as myopia and hyperopia, are considering for a variety of reasons. From being able to wake up with clear vision to the freedom of enjoying the outdoors without contacts or glasses, LASIK has mass appeal. While the price of LASIK has improved more »

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Life After LASIK: Amanda Smith’s LASIK Account

We love happy endings! The winner of this year’s LASIK giveaway, Amanda Smith, shares her recent experience having LASIK at Raleigh Eye Center. Why did you choose Raleigh Eye Center for LASIK? A friend from work referred me. He and other co-workers had exceptional experiences here! Describe your experience at Raleigh Eye Center. AWESOME! Amanda, Michelle more »

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Cataract, LASIK and Surgery: Making an informed decision

All your life, you’ve wondered what the word “cataract” meant. “I remember mom telling me great Aunt Ella had cataracts,” your mom told you once. So now you knowyou have a family history. But until you yourself start to experience blurry and cloudy vision, you never thought about this conversation.  Most people don’t start to more »

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Smart Contact Lenses For Diabetic Patients

For years people with diabetes have had to prick their finger in order to monitor their blood glucose levels. That may soon change as Google and Novartis Alcon team up to create a super contact lens that monitors blood sugar levels. Diabetes, a condition where the body is unable to properly process sugar, is often more »

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The Dangers Lurking in Water and How Your Eyes May be Affected

Most of us are aware that we have bacteria both inside and on the surface of our bodies. We grew up learning about the “good bugs” and the “bad bugs.” There are, however, parasites and insects that can live on the human eye. These parasites, when left untreated, can cause irreparable damage. A recent news more »

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LASIK After 40 – Special Considerations

Laser Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis, or LASIK is the most popular cosmetic procedure performed in the U.S., having helped more than 18 million Americans see clearly since it was approved in 1998. While most people are candidates for the procedure, special considerations must be made as we near and pass 40 years of age. Beginning around more »

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Raleigh Eye Center Wins Aster Award for Excellence in Medical Marketing

Raleigh Eye Center is pleased to announce that they received a 2014 Aster Award for excellence in medical marketing. The award represents peer recognition of their excellence in marketing and communications for their LASIK department.  This is one of two awards they won this year for their marketing efforts. Raleigh Eye Center received a gold more »

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Enjoy More of What You Love with LASIK

As summer continues, people are preparing their bodies for the beach and pool. The desire to feel and look your best in a bathing suit is quite common. One thing that is often forgotten however, is the need to see your best as well. Glasses and contact lenses can be cumbersome when trying to enjoy more »

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Five Things You Never Knew About Cataracts

The ability to see is our most precious sense. However, one thief is responsible for taking 48% of the world’s vision. The culprit is a cataract, which occur as the eye’s lens becomes clouded, most often because of age. Despite technological advancements, cataracts are the leading cause of blindness across the globe. Cataracts are considered more »

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Why Younger Patients are Ideal for LASIK

Let’s face it, young eyes often take a beating, especially when contact lenses are worn. For the college age group, there are many late nights studying and hanging out with friends, which can take its toll on young eyes. Sleeping in contact lenses and wearing them for longer than advised increases the risk of vision more »

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