Preoperative Examination
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The preoperative exam is extensive and includes an undilated and dilated refraction, corneal measurements, as well as evaluation of the general eye health, and a comprehensive explanation of the procedure, risks and benefits. There is a charge of $125 for this service that is not included in the surgery fee. Some insurance companies do help in the cost of the exam.

Glasses/contact lens are available through our Optical Dispensary if needed.

  1. The first spectacle lens, if needed will be charged to the patient.
  2. Any additional lens change will be at no charge to the patient within 60 days of getting your glasses.
  3. Contact lenses provided at the patient’s expense.


"Dr. Kiley and Kelley, Thank you both for your superb care and genuine kindness. I can't tell you how excited I am to be free of contacts and glasses. I'm recommending you guys to everyone! Thanks again! ”
Sandra L.